Saturday, 17 September 2011

The roots of the organic food industry were sewn in the late 1960s with the dawn of a new wave of environmental awareness. 
The industry has since shown astonishing growth that has surprised its critics. According to the Organic Food: Global Industry Guide published in February 2009, the industry has a global value of $52 billion with a forecast to reach $83.1 billion by 2013.

The growth in organic foods from a fringe industry to a mainstream part of the food supply is partly the result of growing environmental awareness, partly the result of the growing scientific evidence of the superior nutritional value of organic food. 
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Sunday, 11 September 2011


The treatment room is a room full of large black reclining chairs. On one wall is a large TV, always turned on, not always audible. The wall to the right of theTV has a window that faces onto an attractive garden. Once you have seen the doctor, you select your seat and wait for the nurses. The mixture is prepared by the pharmacist. I don't have a port. A port is a semi-permanent arrangement that eliminates the need to find a new vein every time. I have to settle for an IV. It can last a few hours. The mixture can burn as it goes through the veins but when it is over for another week, it is over. Then there is just the fatigue that follows a day or two later. A fatiguee unlike any other. You may only succumb. Then, life goes on.