Thursday, 11 September 2008

Nine-Eleven seven years on

Today was seven years after the traggic events of September 11 2001. I remember watching the TV and seeing first one tower then the other collapse.

Since then I have heard many conspiracy theories about the events of the day. These are all plain nonsense. While the events may have suited GW Bush's foreign policy agenda, I don't believe that he would have done this to his own people.

Many people at the time saw this as a world changing event. The threat of terrorism has grown larger and more brazen. The war on terrorism has seemingly not been a success. Terrorist attacks are frequent, though none have matched the twin towers.

The world is not a safer place. In fact many more people live in fear than ever before. The war in Iraq has opened the doors to a whole collection of terrorists of all discriptions.

Osama bin Laden remains a free man. He still manages the occasional broadcast on TV. The Talliban was seemingly defeated but has risen once again from the ashes. Iran has threatened ...

Priorities change. What were once sacred rights in a Western Democracy have been sacrificed in favour of terrorism. So where is the world headed now - and have the terrorists won!?

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