Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Blogging for fun

Blogging is fun.

Even the professional that is trying to turn a blog into his primary source of income does it for fun. But there is a subtle difference between a blog that has a specific purpose and a blog that is created and maintained just for the fun of it. Blogging for fun is putting together content that you like, the things that you enjoy. You do it for yourself, for family and friends and perhaps for the world. It is a question of blogging for arts sake.

Blogging is a form of creative expression, and even when the blog becomes your main source of income, your profession, there is only one way to blog and that is for fun. Blogging has become an art form. Bloggers range from amateurs that simply blog to create a record of their lives for family and friends, to those with a serious point of view and perhaps a political agenda.

Some people simply blog for the money. Their blogs are a constant rehash of search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques, or instructions on how to make money from their blogs. Many businesses have set up their own blogs to help promote their products and even to provide help and support to their clients.

When an artist or a writer stops enjoying what they do their art dies. When the fun is no longer part of the definition of blogging, the interest dies and with it the blog.

Blogging as an art form is similar to all other creative outlets. Artists create art because of the drive for creative expression. Some are able to make a living while doing what they enjoy most. Others struggle to turn their art into a viable profession and some are content to simply treat is as a hobby.

Musicians play their instruments to express themselves. Music is their life. Some get rich and others remain poor. They play for enjoyment and satisfaction that creating music brings.

Writers are a similar breed. Many aspire to write and become rich and famous. They become journalists, novelists, copy writers or bloggers. They have a way with words and are able to express their interests in the form of language. They write for personal fulfilment, to make a statement, for recognition or to satisfy their egos. They do it for fun. Even when the writing becomes work, the fun aspect remains.

It is often said that pursuing your passion is the key to success. Pursuing your passion is fun. It provides fulfilment and satisfaction.

There are few exceptions to this rule. Some have an overriding dedication to a cause. They produce blogs in the hope that others will be influenced to support their point of view. Perhaps their blog is a political expression and will attract votes for their favourite party.

Many blogs are created with an agenda of some sort. They focus on a key interest of the blogger, be it photography, dieting or sky diving. Then there is the blog that is created just for fun. It is type of blog where anything goes. Just add whatever content you enjoy and let the rest follow. There is no theme, no agenda. Perhaps this is the definition of blogging for fun.

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