Saturday, 21 November 2009

A look at online dating rules

Follow these simple rules to make online dating a great new experience.


Wide varieties of online dating sites await your visit. Most work in a similar way. You may register, explore the site and even search for a possible match. However, when you are tempted to contact your dream partner, you need to take out a subscription. While these may vary, the rules of most online dating sites are much the same. Complete your profile and add your pictures for free. To make contact, you must pay.


Online Dating profiles provide your window to the site. First is a bunch of questions about you. Questions about your ideal partner follow. Then there is a free-form text area for you to describe who you are and what you are looking for. It is a good idea to apply the rule of honesty when completing your profile. Honesty simplifies the whole process.

Add a photo of yourself to your profile. Again, the honesty rule applies. If you use a photo of someone else, then there will be some serious explaining - possibly at the expense of a great relationship.


Once you have updated your profile, you may explore the site at your leisure. Have a look at who is available, those that you may want to meat. If you like the look of someone, you may mark them as a favorite - they will see you as a fan. The main rule to remember at this stage is that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is.


Most dating sites have a simple rule about exchanging contract details before both parties have communicated with each other. Apart from protecting its revenue - it does cost money to run an online dating site - the site is protecting you. Most of the people that you meet online are normal people. But there are dangers. Criminals use the Internet too and target dating sites as a source of revenue.


Sometimes a potential partner may seem too good to be true. If in doubt, contact the site administration with the username. The common sense rule is that you don't send money to anyone. A common scam is to get you to transfer money to pay for an air-ticket to meet you because there is a 30 day hold on their own funds.
The second common sense rule is to arrange your first meeting in a public place such as a restaurant. This gives you the opportunity to leave if you are not happy with your date. If he (or she) is not the person you saw in the photo, rather leave and find somebody new.


While there is no rule to compel you to respond to mail, it is common courtesy to do so. If you are not interested, then let the other party know. It can save you the trouble of receiving persistent mail. If someone is bothering you, you are able to block mail from that person.
Online dating provides a great way to meet new partners without having to frequent singles bars or clubs. Follow these few simple rules to ensure a happy and safe experience.