Saturday, 14 August 2010

The electric cigarette that really works

I have smoked for many years. My wife was a smoker long before we met. I have tried to quit many times and found it really difficult.
Now I have found an alternative!
A little over a month ago, we decided to opt for an e-cigarette. We purchased one that looked like a quality product, but it disappointed. Then a colleague told me about the Twisp. "Don't go for the cheap alternatives," he said. "I have tried them all. The Twisp is the best e-cigarette on the market."
I made another investment. This time I bought a Twisp.
For two weeks we continued to smoke both the Twisp and regular tobacco based cigarettes. For seven days, we have smoked only the Twisp and are still going strong.
There are two huge benefits of smoking an e-cigarette. The first is cost. A pack of cigarettes in South Africa costs about R30. We have been spending close to R1800 per month on smoking.
The e-cigarette that we selected is priced at R799. It comes with a small bottle of smoking liquid. A 10 ml bottle cost R129. If we use two of these per month, then we have already saved in the first month!
The other benefit is health. Even if there are risks associated with the Twisp, there can be no comparison against the health risks presented by smoking. Both my wife and I have lost close family members to tobacco smoke.
Twisp is not being marketed as a quitting aid but as an alternative.
We have used it to quit! For the first time, I am succeeding. My lungs feel clearer and our home is now smoke-free. We breathe fresh air in our home. The newly painted ceilings and walls will not turn an ugly yellow from tobacco smoke.
We will live longer and stay healthy. 

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