Sunday, 20 February 2011

Discovering what it takes to start a new business

With my other work options seeming to fall away, I decided to embark on a new business venture.
I had a number of choices.
The first was a restaurant. I am passionate about food. I cook every day and produce results that beat most restaurants - at least those that I can afford to go to. The problem lies in the funding. Getting a restaurant started costs major money. That is money that I don't have.
My second choice was to start a consulting business. The prospect of this succeeding worried me more than the restaurant, but it costs very little to start. At first it is just me. I have to market the business, get contracts and produce the right advice and analysis.
Networking has played a big part. Then research into my service offering. I managed to write a business plan. It took a lot of thought, effort and research. If anything, I am now more committed than ever. I have become passionate about what I offer and and ready to begin selling my solutions.

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