Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Ten things every man should be able to do

What makes a man a MAN?
Much of this will depend on your perspective. Women often say that they want a man that is sensitive and caring and shares his emotions. In practice they often choose a man that is quite the opposite. Assertiveness, decisiveness and the ability to act are better criteria. Then the are the MCP types. They have rather different views.
Here are two lists - pick the one that suits you best!
List 1 - The sensitive responsible type
1. A real man should be able to cook. Men make great cooks given half a chance. Creative cookery is therapeutic and fun. It could even be the way to a woman's heart!
2. A man should be a romantic. Buy flowers and surprises for his wife or girlfriend. Give her surprises. He should know how to keep the romance alive.
3. A man that can make money is a man that is sure of himself and who he is. My parents didn't tell me how important this is! Get your children to become chartered accountants. As Bob Dylan said, "Money doesn't talk it screams".
4. A real man knows how to drive intelligently. Drinking and driving is stupid, not macho! Being wide awake, aware, courteous and responsive on the roads is important. Men are responsible for keeping their family safe - reckless driving doesn't do it.
5. A man should take care of the home. Many men let everything go to pieces if the wife is away. Not necessary. If you're not a DIY fundi then leave the maintenance to the wife.
6. A man should participate in full with the children. This includes seeing to their basic needs, playing football, tennis, basketball and getting to all their sports events, concerts, plays and award ceremonies.
7. A man should know how to achieve a life balance. Workaholics do it at the expense of their families. Remember Cat Steven's "The Cats in The Cradle"?
8. A man should be assertive. Women don't like their men to be wimps. Make decisions. Take the lead.
9. A successful man should play golf. This helps with point 3 (making money) and with developing a social and business network.
10. A real man has principles. People respect a man with integrity, a man that stands by his beliefs. Always remember, "to yourself be true" (Bill Shakespeare).
List 2 - The caveman type of man 
Every man should be able to:
1. Hunt. If all else fails he can always bring home something to eat.
2. Be able to drink as much as his friends and hold it. A very important part of maintaining relationships.
3. Be able to fight - armed and unarmed. Defend himself, his friends and his family against insults and attacks.
4. Memorise the scores of all sports matches of the last day, week, month, year, decade... A very important skill for maintaining status.
5. Have a reliable friend to remind him of impending birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
6. Be assertive. He must be able to ensure that the night out with the boys is protected and sacred. Sports shows must take priority over a romantic movie!
7. Light a fire and be able to barbecue food.
8. Be Adventurous. Be prepared to take risks and drive fast. Always impresses.
9. Know how to treat women. They prefer a 'bastard'.
10. Remember the kids' names. A special effort is required to achieve this, but it saves all sorts of complications with the trouble and strife.

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