Saturday, 14 May 2011

Why can't we give peace a chance?

In 1969 John Lennon released a song that became an anthem of the peace movement. The song's lyrics simply point to the human need to give peace a chance. It was part of his contribution to the peace movement. In another song, John Lennon sings that "war is over if you want it".
Forty two years later and there are wars on almost every continent. In every case it can be argued that there is something that people want more than peace. They want power. They want to dominate each other. They want their own particular view of life to prevail over another view. Sometimes people fight for freedom.
Instead of an end to fear, premature deaths and destruction, millions of people around the world live in fear.
Perhaps the biggest benefactors of war are the arms manufacturers. The more people play at war, the more money they make. Sometimes both sides use weapons built in the same factory. The deaths of others can help build wealth.
What happened to the dream?

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