Tuesday, 08 November 2011

new pastures

This is my first post on this site for quit a while. The reason is simple. Having been diagnosed with pancreas cancer some months ago my orientation changed. To support my new status, I created a new blog. 4 minute expressions.

The format is almost but not quite that of a personal journal. It is a record of my journey through these rough and unpredictable times.

I am just beginning to understand the nature of the disease and try to record at east some of what I know. The site is not morbid or depressing. It is just me. But it is also a move away from writing about politics, economics, business to something more personal and perhaps just as important.

As time goes by I find myself becoming more positive. My expectation is that I will somehow survive and carry on with my new life.

Please join me on the site. If you have cancer - especially of the pancreas - please get in touch. 4 minute expressions

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