Sunday, 30 December 2007

Does the new ANC have a high tolerance for corruption?

Judging from its response to charges leveled against Jacob Zuma, it would appear that the new ANC leadership believes that the party leader should be above the law. It further seems to follow that corruption is not really a crime and should not be prosecuted.

The view that corruption and fraud don’t matter is supported by the results of the leadership elections at the ANC conference in Polokwane this December. The fact that candidates with recent criminal records for fraud and corruption were elected to leadership posts serves to support this view. So too do the protests surrounding the charging of Jacob Zuma.

The ANC is doing itself a great disservice. One that could lead to long term problems within the party. Accusing the State President of a political conspiracy does not help their cause. It does little to build party unity. It does less to maintain the widely held respect that has hitherto been the ANC’s due.

The roots of this issue stem from earlier events. The corruption allegations associated with controversial arms deal have never been properly investigated or dealt with. The Travelgate scammers have all retained their parliamentary seats. All indications suggest that there has been a massive cover-up of any corruption that may have taken place in as part of the arms deal. The indications also suggest that many people were involved. No wonder Zuma’s supporters feel that he is being singled out.

Would it not be appropriate to call for a judicial inquiry into the whole arms deal corruption affair?


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