Sunday, 30 December 2007

Earn Extra Money in Your Spare Time!

You've identified a need to earn some extra money in your spare time. This is a great idea. Even the smallest extra income contributes towards your overall level of financial security. When things get tough then the small extra income is a potential life-saver. If you are a student then you may want to keep the source of extra income even when you begin to work. For a home executive the extra income is yours to spend as you please.

"But what can I do?" Start by looking at your skills. What can you do well? If you write then it's time to start writing for Helium! Helium is a great Web site that allows you to publish your own articles and earn some money at the same time. The address is - or click on the link on the right of this page.

Making money from writing is not easy. Even on Helium. Helium provides an opening. There is not likely to be too much money at first - but as you build up a large portfolio of articles then a regular monthly income becomes a real possibility. To increase your earnings, enter as many contests as as you can and write articles for the Marketplace. Both are featured on Helium. Even if you don't win you will be building up on the number of articles that will contribute towards your income.

While you are working to build-up your Helium earnings, a more interactive approach may be required. Bars and restaurants are always looking for extra help in the form of waiters and waitresses. Did someone say waitrons!? Upmarket restaurants are the best places to earn good tips. Tourist area may offer the most. Cape Town is excellent.

Waiting also provides a SECRET bonus - a source of new material for your creative writing on Helium and your Blog!

My Blog? Who said anything about a Blog?

Everyone has to have a blog. It tells the world who you are. It is fun. It is also an additional source of income. To set-up your blog, there are a number of excellent free blogging sites. Google's Blogger is really great. You don't need technical knowledge to get started. The address is Once you have st up your blog, add Google Adsense and start earning!

Have a look at these two examples. is a site to provide exposure for an artist. It was really easy to set up and can be shown anywhere. The other site is this one - my own personal blog - providing articles, comment and some great videos. Click on the adverts. Google ads are usually relevant to your site, and the links provided often useful. Whenever someone clicks on a Google advert it earns good money for the blogger. Better than Helium.

The next step is to get some traffic to your site. Tell all your friends and family. Advertise on Facebook and MySpace. You may even want to advertise yourself!

While setting-up and maintaining your blog you will learn a whole bunch of new skills. You can of course teach these for money! The possibilities are endless. On-line or face-to-face.

So that is one plan for earning extra money. Once the money begins to roll in, take the first ten percent and donate it to your favorite charity. A very worthwhile investment that will pay off handsomely in the future. The next ten percent is for you to pay yourself. This is for investments. Investments in equities are usually a good idea, but it does involve learning about the markets and the companies where you place your money. To do this you need knowledge, money and access to either a good on-line system or tool or a good broker. You may want to diversify into property as well.

Perhaps your investments could lead to eventual financial independence! And all from some spare time earnings.

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