Wednesday, 05 March 2008

Cats that share our lives

Mini and Melon. Melon (the reddish Burmese cat) arrived at our house and made a home for himself in the garage. He had no identification, and would sneak into the kitchen to eat our established cat's food.
An old rolled-up rug was his bed.

Discovering that he was a classy cat, we adopted him. He and Mini - the grey cat - became very close. Melon is the only domestic cat that I've known to catch mice, rats and birds and eat them! Testimony to his time without a home.

We never did manage to establish Melon's age, but he died shortly after this picture was taken.

Zena is our Siamese. She is young and full of life. A great hunter, she is able to catch mice and birds and brings them into the house. Sometimes these are almost as big as her!

She got herself run over a while ago and lost her tail. It doesn't seem to worry her, but she does chase Mini's tail given half a chance.

Everyone says that Siamese cats talk. This is true. Apart from a variety or meows she has a whole range of sounds.

One of her tricks is to make bird sounds when she is hunting.

Mini. He has been with us for over thirteen years. He and Zena keep their own space. Mini is a music lover - he gets very excited when I sing or whistle to him!

Where else should I sit?
Mini and Melon again - posing for the picture!

Melon. A beautiful, warm Burmese.


Anonymous said...

beautiful! Have a great day!

Bee Jay Em said...

thanks! I thought something on the lighter side would be nice.