Thursday, 06 March 2008

A different perspective on life in the New South Africa

Many people in South Africa have become very negative about life and the prospects for the young democracy - crime, corruption, Jacob Zuma, etc.

Positive things are all but forgotten. But click here for a local article that provides a rather different view! There has been real change - change that has altered the lives of the majority of South Africans in a very positive way. Many don't see it. Well worth a read!

In his latest initiative, Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein has been hosting a series of public forums in Sandton. These are aimed at improving our society through a series of dialogues.

The first was with his Moslem counterpart. Much common ground was found.

The most recent was with the new ANC president Jacob Zuma. Both Jacob Zuma and the chief rabbi spoke, followed by questions. Unfortunately I wasn't there. The positive side is that Zuma made himself available. He was prepared to face questions. He is at least accessible. He acknowledged the crime problem. Rabbi Goldstein described him as 'Real'. Perhaps that is the reason for his great popularity.

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