Friday, 05 December 2008

Could you meet your ideal match through on-line dating services?

Living in London in the early 70s, one friend always arrived at parties and other events with a different – and usually very attractive – date. Although perfectly presentable, he was neither particularly good-looking nor rich. What was his secret? The rest of us showed-up and hoped for the best. It was a long time before we discovered his closely guarded secret. He had been advertising in the personal columns of the Evening Standard – something that had never occurred to the rest of us. Today, the online dating industry has largely replaced the classified adverts and dating services of the past. Gone is the stigma. People that use online dating services are generally quite open about it.

Online dating services have grown rapidly over the last few years. Social networking sites such as Face Book and My Space are mainly geared for people to stay in touch. When it comes to meeting new partners online dating sites offer a specifically targeted service. Members of the sites range in age from eighteen to a hundred. They span every culture and religion.

At a recent wedding - of an attractive couple in their twenties - the groom spoke about how he and his bride had met through an Internet dating site called Dating Buzz! A middle-aged divorced friend and colleague met his second wife in the same way. The system works! He met a number of women through the sight and it wasn't long before he got hitched.

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Bars, clubs and social events do work for many, but not for everyone. Casting the net wider seems to be one of the answers. Some people are just not keen to spend their evenings in bars in the hope of meeting and clubs provide a poor meeting environment. Online dating is an alternative. Men and women looking to meet each other are there on a large scale – it really can open the doors! Dating Buzz is a South African company that has spread its wings and is now active in all four corners of the globe. Their membership grows daily, so there are literally thousands to choose from. Success stories abound.

"But what about the dangers?" I hear you say. "We hear about people misrepresenting themselves on the Internet all the time. Is it safe?"

The answer is that it is as safe as meeting through any venue. Follow a strategy that allows you to know as much about a person before taking the contact any further. The sites allow you to block anyone that you don't trust. Use it. Check the other person's profile. If it is empty ask why. If there are too many blanks, treat it with caution!

If you are looking to meet, why not give it a try? Click on the convenient link provided to the right. And please let us know if it works for you!

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