Tuesday, 09 December 2008

Do you hate your job?

Whether you hate your job is often a question of attitude rather than because of the job itself. Work can keep us occupied for almost a third of our lives. What are you doing to yourself if you hate your job?

I am writing this from a relatively affluent point of view. Even with a downturn in the economy I still have a choice of jobs. As a consultant I have moved from one company to another over the last six years. Now I have found a company that I really like. I will stay where I am for quite a few years to come - if I have the choice.

My feelings about my job are governed by three main criteria.

The first relates to the work itself. The work must be interesting and challenging. There are times when some menial tasks have to be done. I do it. Some of these could have been given to a junior clerk, but what the heck! Simple repetitive tasks can be quite relaxing and therapeutic at times.

The second is about the people. If you find a job where you really get on with the people you have found a gem. Sometimes the work environment is like a family. You grow to care about your colleagues. You look forward to Monday mornings. If you have a psychopathic boss, then forget it! Find another job as soon as you can.

The third is about the money. Money can make a huge difference to your view of a job. If you are paid enough then almost any job becomes a pleasure to do. But for me a poorly paid job is just a non-starter. The financial stresses can outweigh the benefits of doing your ideal job.

When I was young I stopped short of following my dreams. My dream was to become a professional musician. I did show a lot of talent as a musician, but success in the music business is often dependent on other criteria. For every star there are 10,000 talented musicians battling to stay alive. SO I opted for a job in business. I have no regrets. My current view is that people must follow their dreams. If you are passionate enough, success should follow.

Very recently I have attempted to shift the focus of my career to writing. I have a number of blogs and write regularly. At the moment the earnings are enough to provide some pocket money from time to time. But the earnings are growing. My plan is to gradually increase my earnings from writing until this becomes my main source of income.

I don't hate my job. I enjoy the people, the money is adequate (but never enough!) and the work is interesting. In my spare time I write, have some academic involvement and run an occasional training course. Who could ask for anything more?

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