Thursday, 24 July 2008

7 good reasons to leave your current job

Recognising the right time to leave a current job is an important aspect of career management. The reasons for leaving are many and varied. It is sometimes preferable to stay with an unsatisfactory job than to be without anything. But there are times when a move is the best, perhaps the only viable option. Below are the top seven reasons - in no particular order - to leave a current job.

1. You do not fit into the organisation's culture.

Every company has its own particular culture. There are companies that run on orders from the the top while others favour employees that make their own decisions. Do you fit into the culture? Does the culture work for you and are you able to progress in your career? Many people are quite happy to be told what to do and how to do it and feel out of their depth if expected to make decisions. Others find this environment difficult to manage, and would be better of seeking an alternative job where they feel that they could make a positive contribution.

2. Conflict between you and the boss.

When every encounter with the boss is an unpleasant experience then it is time to move on. Often a conflict seems to develop between the boss and the employee. The employee feels undermined and his/her self-esteem takes a knock. This is a very definite no-win situation. As the self-esteem is destroyed, work-performance deteriorates. If you find yourself in that situation the best option is to leave and the sooner the better. In extreme cases people leave without an alternative job. While this is risky, the longer term result is often one that is more favourable.

3. You hate your work!

You always wanted to be a professional musician but were pressurised by family into going into business. You have not followed your dreams but are desperately unhappy doing what you are currently doing. This is a difficult situation, and requires some brutally honest self assessment. Are you good enough to succeed in the job of your dreams? People are usually successful when they are passionate about what they do. Are you passionate enough? Perhaps you could begin exploring your dream on a part time basis and find out where it leads.

4. You need to be independent.

Some of us are fiercely independent. We will never be happy working for a boss. We want to achieve something on our own, something that is ours and something where the rewards are greater. Starting your own business can be an excellent reason for leaving your job. Do you have an area of expertise that you can turn into profit? Is there something that you would enjoy doing seven days a week until the business has been built up? Do you have the drive to market your business to build up the customer base that it needs?

5. Your career development has come to a halt.

Your first 6 years at the company were exciting time. Beginning at a junior level, you were received frequent promotions. Your status rapidly improved. But followed the latest restructuring exercise you feel left out. Other colleagues have taken the cream jobs and opportunities for promotion are scarce. The time has come to look around and find something new. The early recognition that you received has gone, and you have lost your motivation. It is time to find a new challenge, one that will allow you to grow and develop more.

6. You have lost a political battle.

Work is often about politics. Once you have lost a major political battle at work you are unlikely to recover. Lick your wounds and move on. A new environment may be just what the doctor ordered.

7. You have become part of the furniture.

No-one notices you. Your work is taken for granted. You are "comfortable" where you are, but going nowhere fast. The time to move has passed, yet perhaps is the only choice! Find an alternative.

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