Thursday, 24 July 2008

Microsoft's biggest blunder - the Vista distaster

Microsoft Vista has such a bad name that vendors are disregarding the order to stop selling XP.

Microsoft are trying to remedy the problem by launching an expensive advertising campaign. They are spending no less than $300 million to improve the Vista image. But Microsoft have lost sight of the reason for the bad name. Vista is full of bugs. It doesn't work properly. The simplest tasks don't work. Applications don't work. Plug and play components don't work. Things that were simple to do in XP (even in Dos) now become difficult, complex, perhaps impossible.

Many components - printers, scanners, - have been rendered useless. Vista does not have the drivers for them.

I called Microsoft a few days after buying my new notebook with Vista Business. I told them that I was not satisfied with the product. I would like to remove it from my machine and replace the operating system with Linux. The response was a very definite NO. They offered me the option to downgrade to XP for FREE - if I could supply my own disk! But even this option is not available to all. Only to those unfortunate enough to have bought the Business or Ultimate versions. Those with the cheaper versions are stuck!

What other products are we forced to buy blind and have no recourse when the product is faulty or substandard?

It is about time that software products should be returnable. WHo would have believed that a product could be so bad? At least allow us to return it within 30 days. Or provide it on a 30 or more realistically a 60 day trial.

I for one have installed Linux on my machine and I intend making a strong move away from MS.

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