Saturday, 28 March 2009

The underground press of the late sixties

Long before the term information technology or IT was invented, a small underground newspaper was founded in London and found its way onto the streets.
Founded in 1966, international times was born. The name was soon changed to it following objections from The Times of London. The paper was good, containing a mixture of graphics and new journalism. Some remnants can be found on the international times web page.
Contibutors to it included Germaine Greer, William Burroughs and a host of other to be prominent writers of the future. Content ranged from politics to alternatives, drugs, the Vietnam war, feminism ...
Over time interest waned and at times the paper was a little over the top. My favourites ramain the many issues of the late 1960's.
The cover of the May 1967 issue is reprinted here. I understand that this would constitute fair usage. The source is Wikipedia

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