Saturday, 04 April 2009

What kind of people use an online dating

Visions of all sorts of dangerous characters come to mind when pondering the using on line dating services to find your ideal partner. What about stalkers, weirdoes, scammers and midnight ramblers? And of course, how do you select the right online dating website?

Well, if the truth be known the chances are that you will come across some undesirables. Just as you do in everyday life. There are those that are looking only for sex – and they make it obvious. Some are unpleasant and in possession of dubious intellectual abilities. But of course you have the ability to block anyone that you do not want to communicate with. Of course you can also report those that are abusing the system.

But visit a dating site and you’ll find a lot of normal people of all ages, cultures religions and nationalities frequenting the site. When I was young (a very long time ago) using a dating club was something that you kept very much to yourself. Not something that you advertised!

Online dating has become mainstream. Dating sites are a prime way to meet others. Clubs and bars don’t work for everyone, and on-line dating opens a whole range of possibilities as to whom you can meet.

Before you respond to someone, check out their profile. Don’t simply rely on a photograph. A 23 year old stunner looking for a man of 30 to 80 years is suspect. If the member’s profile has little or no information be sceptical. Using your common-sense on this platform makes a lot of sense! In general, don’t travel across continents or send money to cover air fares to meet your dream partner. Especially as it is someone that you know very little about!

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