Sunday, 24 May 2009

Advantages of the recession

The seventies TV series 'The Waltons' shamelessly romanticised the Great Depression. The family as depicted by the narrator John-Boy was poor but happy. It was the family, their warmth and family unity that mattered. Who wouldn't be nostalgic for these wonderful times? But the schmaltzy portrayal of hard times contained an element of truth - there are really aome advantages of a recession.

A recession provides a dose of reality and perhaps a return to basic values.

The generation of the early twenty-first century is spoilt. Its members are accustomed to getting what they want when they want. Unlimited credit has made it all possible. Parents of young children have forgotten how to say NO.

The ever deepening global recession has changed all that. Cash-strapped parents are being forced to turn down demands for the latest Play Station, Ipod or quad bike. But instead of feeling guilty, these parents can feel good. Their children will manage very well without the latest technological toys and their possesions will acquire value.

Perhaps this will herald a return to traditional outdoor children's games. The transformation of children's play into sedentary activities has been a major cause of low-muscle tone and related perceptual problems. Children thrive when there are limits. For the first time in many years parents are once again learning how to say no. Saying no builds a sense of value.

Endless credit made it possible to get almost anything we wanted. But the novelty of each new purchase soon wore off, replaced by the craving for the next, and the next ....

During the recession times are tough. Each buying decision must be weighed up with care. Our things are beginning to acquire value.

The rampant materialism that has gripped our culture has driven many to taking on a second and even a third job. These were necessary to finance all of the 'necessities' of the age. It was all done for the family. The recession has put an end to the third job, the second job and perhaps the day job. At last there is time to spend with the family.

The recession helps us to discover that not everything worthwhile requires cash! A picnic on the banks of the river with a cool breeze caressing your skin is about as good as it gets. What can be better than sharing a bottle of ice cold Sauvignon Blanc on the beach at sunset? Sometimes the best things in life are free.

Take-out fast food became one of the curses of the age. Obesity has spread like wildfire as millions became overweight. Many have forgotten the pleasure of good home cooked food. One of the greatest benefits of the recession is that we are forced to eat good, wholesome home cooked meals. There is no going back!

Someone once said that a person is rich when he is content with what he has. Perhaps the single greatest advantage of the recession is the return to real values to value what is important, the people that we love and share our lives.


billy said...

makes good sense. it's time value comes back in people's lives.

Charles said...

It's really great to encounter positive people and read the positive things you write - thanks!

Barry M said...

Thanks billy & Charles for your comments.
Perhaps events that seem terrible can result in something better ...