Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Ghost House - Erasmus Castle, Pretoria

The Erasmus Castle is commonly known as The Ghost House or Die Spookhuis was completed in 1903. It was the inspiration of Jochemus and Johanna Erasmus. The castle - which would feel quite at home in Transylvania - was designed by Dutch architect Van Der Benn. The Italian builder, Monte Bello used mostly imported materials to complete the house.

Jochemus had made some money from the gold rush at the end of the nineteenth century, and the family lived a flambuoyant lifestyle, hosting extravagent concerts and dances. The family's fortuned changed during the Great Depression and the castle fell into disrepair. Looking eerie in its dillapidated condition, the castle was used in the 1950 film Hier's Ons Weer.
Armscor later purchased and restored the house, but the original family are said to still be in residence in rather ghostly form.


carrie said...

that last pic is really cool

francois said...

Hi Barry, I was wondering whether you'd have any info on visiting the Erasmus Castle? Whether it's open to the public or maybe a number I can call to find out?

Much appreciated

Francois Steyn

Barry M said...

I believe that it belongs to Armscor, but it is possible to get tours of the place.
One that I found is - they offer tours at a price.