Sunday, 04 April 2010

Eugene Tereblanche murdered

Eugene Tereblanche or ET as he was popularly known, was murdered in the early evening last night.

The leader of the AWB was quite a fanatic. The flag of the organisation is a modified swastika showing three branches instead of the usual four. The philosophy of the AWB is quite close to that of the Nazis. In this scenario, the Afrikaner is the master race. The aims of the movement is to turn the clock back to the days of Apartheid.

The news of the day has been dominated by this event. ET was a farmer or a boer. The leader of the ANC Youth League has been singing a song that has the words "kill the boer" as part of its slogan. The courts have ruled that the song must not be sung, that it violates the constitution.

There is no evidence that the murder was linked to the song. It seems that the two workers had not been paid. The media and politicians are linking the two. This is where Julius Malema has armed the right wing. If it is ok to sing kill the boer then presumably it is also ok to sing kill the Zulu ...

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