Friday, 09 April 2010

Worst gift ideas for your girlfriend

As the first anniversary of you going out with your girlfriend approaches, you want to make a really special evening. You have booked a table at a romantic Italian restaurant. The problem is what to buy. You start making a list of all sorts of ideas. Then you start looking through it, and realise that many of the ideas just will not do.

You check out the elimination list that you found on the web. Start crossing out these ideas one by one. Below are the worst gift ideas possible. These are gifts that are guaranteed to cause quite a reaction. The type of reaction that will almost certainly bring this beautiful relationship to an end.

1. A fully-paid subscription to a course of slimming supplements. This is totally out. She may think that she has been putting on weight, that she is getting fat. This is something that you must never acknowledge. She is only looking for reassurance. The correct answer to "am I looking fat?" is always "no Baby, of course not! You look very beautiful tonight, stunning! Very sexy." A gift should make her feel good, not remind her of any shortfalls.

2. A full season subscription to a premium box at your favorite football or basketball team. Even though she pretends (don't tell me that you didn't know) to love the game and supports the same team as you, this is not a suitable gift. From her to you this would be a great gift. From you it will send her packing and leave you looking for someone new.

3. Kitchen utensils, designer oven gloves, pots, pans and kitchen appliances make wonderful wedding presents. Kitchen tools and appliances are not appropriate for a girlfriend.

4. An even worse idea is a state-of-the-art top of the range wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Don't even think about it! Do you really need to know why?

Buy a gift that tells your girlfriend that you know who she is, a gift that is specially for her. She wants something personal, perhaps romantic. If in doubt, a nice new sports car will do the trick! It may not be personal ....

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