Monday, 25 October 2010

Still going strong without smoking!

Quitting smoking is easy. I've done it hundreds of times (with apologies to Mark Twain). This time it has been several months and we are still going strong. 
There are two keys that have helped make quitting a success this time. 
1. This time two of us quit together. For the first time, my wife decided to quit. 
2. The electric cigarette. We used two types - the Puffaway first, later the Twisp. Both are overpriced in South Africa. Both are good. The Twisp is better. The batteries and atomisers on either are not very robust. 
We have now reached the point where we can go without anything for many hours and probably indefinitely. I, for one, am too scared to go back to smoking. The cardiologist warned me that most of his patients were smokers. The other scary factor was seeing an x-ray of my lungs. 
I have seen too many people suffering and dying as a result of smoking. 
At long last we are no longer slaves to tobacco!

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