Thursday, 04 November 2010

48 Goud Street

This building, known only as 48 Goud Street lies in down-town Johannesburg. The walls are merely a shell - the roof and the interior are gone, Looking through the windows reveals only rubble. Perhaps a place where vagrants, the homeless manage to find some shelter. 
The fact that the exterior walls remain, suggests that this may be a protected building. A quick Internet search revealed nothing, so I would welcome any information that visitors may have on the building and its history. 
The building is different and unusual. Johannesburg has a poor record of protecting its heritage. There have been other earlier cases where is have been deemed necessary to protect only the façade. Perhaps this is one of those?

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Anonymous said...

I am so very intriged by this building aswell, I have found absolutely no information on it either. If you visited the building, you might have noticed that the entrances are closed off with bricks. I went inside and found art, some of it looks demonic. Anyway maybe we can exchange ideas on this building.