Sunday, 06 January 2008

2008: War? Chaos? Turmoil? Hope?

2008 has already started with some disturbing news items. In Kenya, the election has resulted in murder and bloodshed. Chaos in the streets. Democracy not working.

South Africa faces a strong future marred by events surrounding the new president of the ANC - the ruling party. He now faces corruption charges. Although the statement has been withdrawn, a Trade Union spokesman has threatened "blood on the streets" if the trial goes ahead.

The situation in Iraq continues to fester, and although the US is hoping to withdraw soon, there seems to be little hope of a speedy resolution.

Pakistani elections have been postponed following the assassination of the leader of the opposition.

The Israeli Palestinian conflict shows little hope of resolution, as many on the 'left' support the fascist Hamas as a liberation movement.

Is there hope for the world in 2008? More and more people seem to be seeing and turning to violence as a means of solving disputes.

As the contest for the US Democratic party nominations hot up, I can't help wondering about the likelihood of a Democratic candidate becoming the next US president. Will the American public likely to vote on issues - or will race and/or gender cloud the issues?

Then there is the much talked about possible recession in the US.

What does 2008 have in store for us and for the world?

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