Sunday, 20 January 2008

Wild bird tamed after near drowning

This morning I found a little bird in the pool.

Its entire body was submerged under water while its feet clung to the hose of the pool cleaner. Only its head was above water.

I got the bird out with a net. It was very fragile. I picked it up and it clung to my fingers. It would not leave me. I picked a fig from the tree and it ate a few drops of the sap.

Gradually the sun dried out the feathers and the bird regained its strength. I managed to transfer the bird to a glove. It flew into the fig tree and perched on one of the branches. It did not fly away when I approached it and it perched on my hand once again. Only when I put it down did it fly away this time back to its nest.

Wild birds usually stay far away from us, but being close to death caused this little creature to put its trust in me completely.

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