Sunday, 24 August 2008

Free International calls on your cell

My latest cell phone includes a connection to a wireless network. I can now browse the Internet and read my emails without incurring the high data call charges levied by the cell phone service providers.

The availability of this technology suggested the possibility of realising a long time dream - using VOIP over my cell phone. That has become a reality. Skype have not managed to produce a Symbian version of their software. But an alternative is available. Fring. Fring allows you to use your Skype, Google Talk, MSN, Twitter and other VOIP applications over your cell phone.

The problems associated with using your cell phone over a 3G connection is the latency of the system - an annoying delay in hearing the response. Then there is the problem of the data charges for using 3G.

Many of the new generation of cell phones now have the ability to use a WLAN. Connect to your wireless DSL or similar internet connection and you have the best of both worlds. Free international calls from your cell-phone. Skype without being tied to a computer. Cheap international calls using Skype-out. And all this from a cell phone where even local calls cost the earth.

Fring can be downloaded directly to any phone that uses either the Symbian or Windows Mobile operating systems. Try it - it's free!

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