Thursday, 21 August 2008

Smoking and the pain of quitting

I have been in the process of quitting smoking for the last 3 weeks. A very necessary and long overdue decision.

My quest began with Nicotine flavoured chewing gum. It works as long I am away from home, but having another smoker in the house does not work for me. I found myself smoking secretly in the early morning and at night.

But smoking isn't for quitters! I have continued in my attempt to end my slavery to the cigarette companies.

The next step was Zyban. This is an anti-depressant that has a huge success rate in stopping people from smoking. This unintended side-effect of the drug has been its main reason for success and frequent prescription.

Now on day 7, I am still smoking the odd cigarette, but I have just begun to notice a diminishing desire. Side effects have included occasional light-headedness and the slowing down of time. Time has been travelling so slowly that I have had time at work to do double my usual workload, and I suddenly have plenty of time at home!

Wish me luck ...

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