Thursday, 28 August 2008

Vista - not so bad after all

With so much bad publicity - much of it justified - surrounding Vista, I have discovered some features that are really worthwhile. I have learned to live with the issues. I have turned off the User Account Control that make doing almost anything into a nightmare.

Vista has a search facility that is second to none. Every screen from the start menu to every panel allows for searching. Search just one folder or the entire hard drive. The results begin to appear as you type, and within seconds the search is complete.

The search facility is easy to use and out performs anything that I have come accross before. It is a very useful tool that is used daily in performing my tasks.

Open the documents folder and all the sub-folders and loose documents are shown. The left of the window contains a full navigation tree. Hopping from one folder to another has become simple at last. Navigation is fast and easy.

With the UAC turned off, you are able to join a network simply by plugging in or linking to a wireless network. If there is encryption simply add the code.

The issues are still there. Some are still annoying. But after three months of using Vista I am quite happy.

Before you go ahead and buy Vista for your 4 year old machine, think again. Vista uses a vast amount of storage. You will need a fast processor. Two GB of memory is the minimum. You will need a much larger hard drive. So don't rush out to buy unless you have to. But for a brand-new machine, go ahead and get Vista.

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