Sunday, 06 April 2008

Mugabe reaching Orwellian proportions

The Zimbabwean election fiasco is reaching tragic proportions. Eight days after voting, the results or the presidential elections have still not been released. The opposition has claimed victory based on the counts shown outside each polling station after the election. It seems that someone wants the results delayed. The high court has deferred its decision as to whether it can hear the case until Monday.

In the meantime, Robert Mugabe has called for a recount of the vote.

I imagine that the order went something like this: "These results are incorrect. Recount the votes. If the result is wrong again, then recount again. Do this until you get the correct result." Of course, the MDC managed a majority in spite of widespread rigging on the part of Zanu-PF.

What is the world doing about this bizarre situation? South African president Thabo Mbeki wants to wait and see what happens. A strange perspective from a country with a firm committment to democracy. Is this due to misplaced loyalty? True, Mugabe did provide support to the ANC during the years of struggle. But he has since become a tyrant, a despot. While Zimbabweans starve, his wife is on a shopping spree to South Africa.

What about the rest of the world? The United Nations? Are we powerless to do anything?

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