Friday, 25 April 2008

When no news is not good news - the growing crisis in Zimbabwe

Nearly four weeks after the Zimbabwean election, there is still no sign of an announcement of the winner of the presidential vote. The so-called recount of 23 constituencies carries on, but without any controls that could verify that the recount was actually more accurate than the original count. Mugabe and the ruling Zanu PF retain control of the country and have begun a campaign of violence and intimidation against those suspected of having voted for the MDC.
By now, there can hardly be a right-thinking person that doubts that the MDC won the election or that Morgan Tsvangirai won the presidential vote. There is no other possible explanation for the month-long delay in announcing the results.
Mugabe’s police, the military and the band of thugs better known as ‘war veterans’ have been let loose to intimidate, murder and torture anyone suspected of having voted for the wrong party. Riot police have been sent into the MDC headquarters and detained dozens of MDC supporters.
The only good news is that China have recalled the arms ship on its way to Zimbabwe.
The west have spoken out against Mugabe’s attempts to steal this election. But South Africa’s president Thabo Mbeki prefers to continue with his quiet diplomacy. He has continued to take a stand that denies the crisis. He refuses to make a public statement that condemns Mugabe or even one that calls for the immediate release of the presidential vote. He has called for patience while we wait for the election results to be released. Patience while MDC supporters are being beaten and driven from their homes. Patience as thousands of Zimbabweans risk their lives daily crossing through crocodile infested waters to reach South Africa as economic and political refugees.
The time for patience has passed. Decisive action is required by the world to force Mugabe to step down and to allow democracy to take its course. It is time for Zimbabwe’s friends and neighbours take a stand. Appeasement of a dictator never achieved anything in the past. It will not achieve anything now.
Hot off the press is that SADC have warned that it expects the poll result to be announced by Saturday (26 April) and will not tolerate any further delays. Perhaps we have some progress …


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