Tuesday, 06 January 2009

Another New Year marked by conflict and uncertainty

2008 dawned amidst the start of the sub-prime crisis. Already there was talk of recession. The prospects for Zimbabwe looked bleak. Conflicts were taking place around the world.

True to promise, the picture worsened as the year wore on. Job losses mounted and bail-outs went to the greedy "investors" that managed to lose many billions of dollars on worthless get-rich-quick schemes.

By December many countries were facing a full blown recession. Some countries face bankruptcy.

So what lies in store for 2009?

On the conflict front the Middle East situation does not auger well for peace. Hammas failed to stop the daily rockets launched across the border even throughout the truce. Israel's action in Gaza is unlikely to bring a peace settlement any closer.

The Iraqi conflict rages on. Days ago a suicide bomber killed over 40. Violence has flared up in Afghanistan.

On the economic front China's rate of growth has fallen drammaticaly as export markets contract. Other countries have fared worse.

An Israeli Palestinian settlement now seems more remote than ever.

Zimbabwe has gone from bad to worse following the stolen election. It is being plagued by a curse of cholera, by starvation, and the clinging to power of Mugabe and his party.

But then again you should always look on the bright side of life!

But where there are people there is always a ray of hope. The UD President Elect may be able to stem the tide. Only time will tell.

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