Sunday, 04 January 2009

Does Google employ real people to work with Adsense?

Google issued a cheque to me on 26 November. The cheque has not been received. It was probably intercepted and stolen somewhere in the postal system.

According to Google's rules, you can only request a re-issue a month later on the 25th. This I did. There is no indication on the google site as to the request. There is no contactable person, no human interface.

It would have been nice to be able to speak to someone. Perhaps an email communication. Google obviously don't believe that the publishers using their service are worth very much.

The only response I have had is an email directing me to use the Adsense help facilities. They have a forum as well. If you participate in the forum, there is a tiny chance that a Google person will respond. After following a couple of threads, Google personnel were notable by their absense. One contributor sugessted that Google has to wait six months in case someone tries to cash the replaced cheque. The Google site doesn't say that.

I am quite happy to use ecommerce, but as a business supplier to Google, a human interface as a last resort would be a great help! It is so much better to deal with a person than a computer. The Google help facilities won't replace my cheque.

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