Monday, 19 January 2009

Israel Gaza war over - perhaps a chance for peace

The Israeli war against Hezbolla was widely criticized around the world. Many claimed that Israel had been defeated. But although Israel failed to secure the release of kidnapped soldiers, the war did end the cross border attacks that had become common.
Hamas and other factions in Gaza began firing rockets at civilian targets in Israel in 2001. Over 8000 rockets were fired over the next few years. Israel eventually decided to act and launched a massive attack against Hamas. Hamas's modus operandi is to operate from within residential areas. Civilians are used to shield the fighters. Inevitably, the latest operation resulted in many deaths including civilians.
Yesterday Israel declared a cease-fire. After announcing that it would continue to fight, Hammas and other factions have declared a cease-fire. Perhaps the rocket fire will stop and perhaps there will now be a chance for the borders to be opened and relations to begin to slowly normalise.

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