Monday, 19 January 2009

Still smoking ...

First came the chewing gum, then Zyban. But all along there was the odd cigarette sneaked in before work, late in the evening or when I needed a break at work.
Then along came a major shock. Things were not as they seemed. My world was shaken and and I became stressed, very stressed.
The first place an addict runs is back to the drug of choice, the drug of addiction. Back to square one. Now I am waiting for the dust to settle.
Tobacco is highly addictive, but perhaps my lack of resolve plays a part. Tobacco is one of the biggest killers and causes of major illness around. It is sold almost everywhere. The only restriction (of recent origin) is where you smoke. So if tobacco is totally legal and marketed (almost) as a normal product, why are marijuana, cocaine and a whole host of other drugs are illegal?
The answer lies in the vested interests involved. Every government earns a major income from the tobacco pushers. Tobacco manufacturers are wealthy and respected members of the establishment.
But what would happen if tobacco became illegal? What would the smokers do? Would they be sneaking around dark alleyways trying to score from the dealers?

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